Agile Cambridge

A look inside Agile Cambridge conference, 27th-29th September 2017

    What is Agile Cambridge? Agile Cambridge is “England’s premiere hands-on Agile software development conference, set in picturesque Cambridge. The conference has a strong practical focus and attracts industry practitioners and decision-makers who want to improve their success with agile and lean methods. The event provides three days of inspiring agile and lean learning from a […]


Lisa Vincent Reconnects with her Comfort Zone at nor(DEV):biz

My comfort zone had left the building. Heading out on a cold, dark, Monday evening to yet another Norwich networking event is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s certainly not mine, and definitely not with the cream of the Norfolk tech sector midway through my first attack of a winter cold in I don’t know […]


What Makes a ‘Machine’?

Defining what it is to be a machine is tricky to say the least. In everyday terms, a machine is something man-made that performs an automated function. Computers are often referred to as machines but they are much more than the limited definition above. Perhaps, instead of trying to pin down exactly what a ‘machine’ is in […]


Pattern: Single CrUD Transaction

  Software patterns have their roots in architecture. In 1978, Christopher Alexander published a book called ‘A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction‘ (ISBN-13: 978-0195019193) about the patterns he’d discovered designing buildings. A pattern can be thought of as a tried and tested way of doing something which can be applied in different contexts.  Think about […]


Programming & Marketing Job Vacancies: You Decide Where & When You Work!

  ubisend are looking for programming and marketing geeks who enjoy solving difficult problems (and can speak human). We don’t want, or do, normal. We’ve no set working hours or location of work and enjoy an unlimited holiday allowance. If it’s boring or routine, we’ve already automated it. We don’t want bums on seats, cogs […]


Norwich Tech Sector the Full Report

Norwich is a great up and coming city for a number of reasons. Not only is the city home to two universities, and notable companies, such as Aviva, Axom Vibe and Proxama, this historical textiles centre has now also one of the fastest growing digital tech economies in the country. The universities are largely to […]


A review: nor(DEV):biz October 2017

  The idea “Networking” strikes fear into the heart of many techies, but Norfolk Developers Business or nor(DEV):biz is different. The idea behind the monthly meetings over dinner at the Library Restaurant is to get tech companies in Norwich and Norfolk talking to each other and referring business between themselves and from external parties. It’s […]

Full-Stack Developer Vacancy at HTK

This role is primarily responsible for the development of interactive, mobile-responsive “loyalty portals” for large B2B businesses and well-known B2C brands. You’ll be building custom themes in WordPress using HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and the Horizon product APIs. You’ll also help our customers to integrate their existing websites with Horizon, giving consultancy on the use […]


Tech Velocity Norwich Upcoming Events

Here are a few of the brilliant and inspiring clinics/events we have coming up with TechVelocity and from our local tech community groups and partners.   TechVelocity Clinic  The User Story 11th October 2017, 15:00-16:00. WhiteSpace, Floor 2, St James Mill The User Story is a usability and UX consultancy based in Norwich. Founded by Tom […]

Aviva 2017 Community Fund

Once again, the Aviva Community Fund is open, giving local projects the chance to win funding for their ideas. Since the project started, it has helped 877 different projects achieve their goals, and this year it could be your turn! All you need do is tell Aviva what you would do with the money and […]

Junior & Senior Development Vacancies in Norfolk

A vacancy has arisen for both a Junior and Senior Developer at the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust. The jobs would be based at Hellesdon Ambulance Station, Hospital Lane in Norwich, and would be 37.5 hours per week. The closing date for applications in 22/09/2017.   Junior Developer role: We have an exciting […]

Health Enterprise East ‘Health Hack’ Event

On the 19th and 20th October, Health Enterprise East, along with EAHSN and the University of East Anglia will be holding a free ‘Health Hack’ event at the Earlham Institute.   These free events are designed to engage a wide community of stakeholders, focused on stimulating innovation within the NHS, through the identification and development of innovative […]

Costa Coffee Shop Hack

Calling all tech experts who love a great coffee! This is your special invitation to demonstrate exciting technology to Costa Coffee that helps answer the following questions: What does the world’s most technologically enabled coffee shop look like in 2025? How can this help Costa bring people together to enjoy the best coffee on the […]


How much will my software cost?

    The question we get asked the second 1 most when speaking to clients and potential clients is “how much will my bespoke 2 software cost to build?” This is extremely difficult to answer without going into lots of detail and, even then, the complexities of software development, the complexity of client requirements and clients […]


A review: JavaScript the Good Parts

By Douglas Crockford ISBN: 978-0596517748 Every JavaScript developer with a pre-existing working knowledge of JavaScript should read this book. JavaScript is a powerful and varied language, but it was developed in a hurry and there’s plenty wrong with it. This book outlines the good bits of the language and highlights the bad bits and the […]


A Review: Express in Action

Express in Action: Node applications with Express and its companion tools By Evan Hahn ISBN: 978-1617292422 This is another excellent JavaScript book from Manning. It contains a great introduction to Express.js and I wish I’d read it sooner as it explains a lot of things about Express.js and how to use it, as well as […]


Getting to the route of the problem

In 2016, Venkat Subramaniam wrote an incredible book called ‘Test-Driving JavaScript Applications’ which, along with JavaScript tools such as Mocha, Istanbul, Prettier and Eslint, have made me fall in love with JavaScript and Node.js (well for UI development anyway). JavaScript isn’t a proper language, right? For a long time I argued not, because the tools weren’t available […]


NorDev: JavaScript Starter Kit – Beginners Full Day Workshop

  Date: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm, Thursday 5th October 2017 Location: The King’s Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH Price: £50.00 per person Level: beginner Prerequisites: Laptop with wifi, modern browser, text editor RSVP: JavaScript is amazing. It is a powerful, simple, infuriating, elegant and sometimes irrational programming language which was born in a hurry and can now do […]


Interview – Naked Element: Crunching Complexity

Directorzone GRID company interview series: Paul Grenyer, CEO of Naked Element. The story Innovation What’s next? GRID co-ordinates and relationships: The story Paul Grenyer took the classic route – and one of the best – into entrepreneurship: the company he was contracting for, Aviva, became the first client of his new business, NAKED ELEMENT, in 2012. […]

Job Vacancy: Java Developer at SupaPass

SupaPass is looking for an experienced Java developer to join its busy team in Norwich. You will be working on our back-end systems, on the modules that form our cloud-hosted micro services, as well as building in-house tools to support various parts of the business. As we’re a startup you’ll be involved in the full […]

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