A Review: Express in Action

Express in Action: Node applications with Express and its companion tools By Evan Hahn ISBN: 978-1617292422 This is another excellent JavaScript book from Manning. It contains a great introduction to Express.js and I wish I’d read it sooner as it explains a lot of things about Express.js and how to use it, as well as […]


Getting to the route of the problem

In 2016, Venkat Subramaniam wrote an incredible book called ‘Test-Driving JavaScript Applications’ which, along with JavaScript tools such as Mocha, Istanbul, Prettier and Eslint, have made me fall in love with JavaScript and Node.js (well for UI development anyway). JavaScript isn’t a proper language, right? For a long time I argued not, because the tools weren’t available […]


NorDev: JavaScript Starter Kit – Beginners Full Day Workshop

  Date: 9:00 am to 4:45 pm, Thursday 5th October 2017 Location: The King’s Centre, King Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH Price: £50.00 per person Level: beginner Prerequisites: Laptop with wifi, modern browser, text editor RSVP: JavaScript is amazing. It is a powerful, simple, infuriating, elegant and sometimes irrational programming language which was born in a hurry and can now do […]


Interview – Naked Element: Crunching Complexity

Directorzone GRID company interview series: Paul Grenyer, CEO of Naked Element. The story Innovation What’s next? GRID co-ordinates and relationships: The story Paul Grenyer took the classic route – and one of the best – into entrepreneurship: the company he was contracting for, Aviva, became the first client of his new business, NAKED ELEMENT, in 2012. […]

Job Vacancy: Java Developer at SupaPass

SupaPass is looking for an experienced Java developer to join its busy team in Norwich. You will be working on our back-end systems, on the modules that form our cloud-hosted micro services, as well as building in-house tools to support various parts of the business. As we’re a startup you’ll be involved in the full […]


What’s it like working with a team of software developers?

    Communication You may envision communicating with a software developer to be quite difficult due to their nature of sitting behind a computer screen by themselves for hours on end. However, in our experience that couldn’t be more wrong. Our developers are extremely passionate about producing great software. Their communication skills are strong as […]


Naked Element Vacancy: Executive PA / Office Manager

Naked Element are a software development company based in Norwich looking to recruit a self motivated, outgoing, well organised person looking for variety in a small, yet progressive tech company. There is opportunity for the right person to grow into a more specialised role, based on your strengths, as the company grows. Salary: £18-20,000 per annum […]


Lunch on the green 2017, it gets better every year

Another Summer comes and the annual Lunch on the Green event took place at Clapham & Collinge Solicitors on Wednesday 12th July 2017. The event was sponsored by Break, an amazing local charity of ours, who provide a range of residential and community based services for vulnerable young people and families across East Anglia.   […]

The forgotten backdoor into your computer network

  On Monday 19th June, our Junior Software Developer, and I attended the inaugural Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster meeting. The cluster has been set up by David Higgins, an award winning Cyber Security consultant, to encourage cyber security knowledge, skills and capabilities for businesses within Norfolk. We heard from three different speakers taking us through […]

SEO Consultant Job in Norwich with Further

We’re Further, recently voted one of the Top 10 Best Small Search Agencies in Europe for the second year running. We’re recognised industry leaders in data-led search and content marketing, with a decade of experience helping regional, national and global brands realise their ambitions.   And as we enter a new expansion phase including new […]


Norfolk Developers Business Dinners Return

  We are pleased to announce that Norfolk Developers Business (NorDevBiz!) is making a return. NorDevBiz is aiming is to increase awareness of Norfolk Developers member’s businesses and stimulate internal and external referrals. Our second evening meeting will be on Monday 3rd of July 2017 at the Library Restaurant in Norwich at 7.30pm. Arrival is […]

Job Vacancies at Thyngs

Customer Success Manager £25-35k   Thyngs is looking for an ambitious Customer Success Manager to manage key enterprise customer and partner relationships. You are passionate about customer success and committed to getting them the answers, support and resources they need to achieve it, and focused on maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction in every […]


Node.js the Right Way: Practical Server-Side JavaScript That Scales

By Jim R. Wilson ISBN-13: 978-1937785734   Node.js the Right Way is a fantastic little book. It’s a small book (but then it’s Pragmatic exPress) and it doesn’t go into anything in much detail, but then that’s what makes it fantastic. It gives a useful and practical overview of writing Node.js server side applications and […]


Know your plumbers from your electricians: The right tool for the job

As software developers, we at Naked Element, are skilled and experienced in a number of different programming languages (see below) and aware of many, many more. Choosing the right programming language for a piece of software is as important as choosing a hammer to knock in a nail, a flat headed screw driver for a […]


Sign on the Dotted Line – Why Contracts are Important

Contracts might seem like something only big business needs, and many small companies work without them, but if your work is important to you, it is vital to have a contract in place. A well put together contract can make a business relationship stronger and more successful, so it is worth investing some time and […]


NorDev Call for submissions

After receiving such a positive response to the Norfolk Developers magazines at each conference, we’ve decided to release a magazine outside of the conference too! Each issue will contain tech articles, local features, news and interviews as well as tech events in Norfolk and further afield, but most importantly it will be free to download! […]


Chamber Cyber Security Conference

Cyber security is a topic that is on everyone’s minds this month, and if you follow the news it will be obvious why (and if you don’t, see our previous blog posts!). On May 18th I attended the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Security Conference, hosted by Paul Maskall. The itinerary included four very relevant […]

It’s not sales, it’s a way of life

People’s barriers start to rise the minute they hear the word ‘sales’. Images of cheap-suited, fast-talking phone drones appear, desperately trying to sell something nobody wants or needs. Scarier for some are the words ‘sales training’ : being taught how to give the hard sell, hit the targets and seal the deal no matter what. […]


Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster

“It’s been a long time coming” David Higgins is a self-proclaimed ‘cyber-security geek’, used to working all over the world with the Foreign Office, now resident in Norfolk. He recently founded the county’s first cyber security cluster and is keen to get everyone talking about it. “In the past, it was generally hard to get […]


Secure Software and the NHS Hack

Last week a vicious, and highly effective, computer virus infected IT systems across the globe. Commercial and educational organisations in Asia were down, Germany’s railway system was affected, even US courier giants Fedex weren’t immune to the virus and here in the UK our health system was hit worst. The NHS, including GP surgeries, pharmacies […]

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