Dev Debah

Then and now: women in IT

We know women have traditionally been under-represented in IT. While we’re waiting for that to change, we hear from Dev Debah who’s been working in IT since the 1990s. Here, she tells it like it was – and how it is now. I am a woman who works in IT. Here’s the good news: it […]

Bruce Cairns

Open Source Licensing – The Basics

If you’re a developer there’s a good chance that you use some open source software (OSS). If you’re typical of the developers I advise on OSS, you’re likely to be aware that there are risks (as well as huge benefits) with OSS licences, but you don’t know how to separate what’s important from the hype, […]



This is my first time submitting an article to NTJ and I am attempting to bring the heady world of IT Support to life. It’s part of what Onebyte do and to us it’s about good customer service, a sunny disposition and an efficient manner. There’s no excuse for bad customer service – don’t get […]


A bag full of hunches that might mean something.

I have a hunch. A number of hunches all rolled into one, in fact. My bag of hunches has been tested in a couple of projects, and I think there’s something in it. I think that there’s a concrete advantage, set in hard cash, to software development centred on people. The kind of procurement we […]


Cash Flow tips for Freelancers

Getting paid as a freelancer can often turn into an ordeal, but there are several ways you can make it easier for yourself. Here are some tips to ensure a steady flow of cash into your freelancing business.   1. Invoice Promptly The later you send an invoice, the later you are going to get […]

sean clark

Email Marketing Tips: Learning From Spam

It seems no matter how hard we try the spammers still get through. Even the likes of Google & Microsoft using some of the best algorithms ever invented can’t capture it all. They do do a very good job. My preference is for Gmail and the amount of spam this filters is amazing in comparison […]

Scott Ranger

Working for a start-up.

Should you work for a startup? Working for a startup has its risks but it also can also yield some great rewards. I’ve been working for SoccerHubb, a local tech startup, since August 2013 and I love it. That being said, working for a startup certainly isn’t for everybody. The first obvious risk that immediately […]

Julie Bishop

Who needs a social media manager?

To be quite honest with you I think this job title is used a bit too easily. I often see online somewhere, somebody calling themselves a social media manager and I feel like writing LOL really??! which of course I wouldn’t because I’m too professional. I firmly believe that you should use the words and […]

Liftshare Team Celebrating

Meet Liftshare founder Ali Clabburn and his Head of IT Tim Stephenson talk to Beccy Johnston about leading the charge in the “sharing economy”, the connectivity challenges of doing business in Norfolk and why they installed a giant slide to create some of county’s funkiest office space. It started life in an Attleborough turkey shed in […]

Hot Source

Event: Hot Source Makie: Screen Printing at STEW (@hsnorwich)

At the January Talkie STEW’s very own screen printer in residence, Jo Stafford, showed us a taster of her fantastic screen printing mission and now it’s your turn to get creative. The April Makie will be down at the STEW Print Rooms, the idea is to get your hands dirty and leave with your very […]

tim s

Meet the Community: Tim Stephenson

Who do you work for? What do you do there? My title is Head of IT, but basically I’m responsible for most electrical things within the office through to software development and our network/server infrastructure. IT tends to be a bit of a broad remit in a company our size because we’re quite a […]

ali c

Meet the Community: Ali Clabburn

Who do you work for? What do you do there? MD,Founder and possibilist What experience, qualifications etc were important in getting the job? I wasn’t very good at exams. I did four years of trying to do Mechanical Engineering. I did eventually get a 2.2 but I failed my first three years and spent […]


Issue 06 Out Now: Plugging the Norfolk Software Skills Shortage

I’ve been speaking to a lot of local tech business owners about various things recently and something that is on most of their minds is recruitment. There just aren’t enough developers to go around. People often come to me to help them fill roles. And while I know a lot of people through Norfolk Developers […]

photo 1

The Whitespace Launch Event

When I think about whitespace, I think about programming languages. They all have it and in languages like Python it’s very important. Bjarne Stroustrop even wrote about overloading it. I think it’s very appropriate that the new collaboration space for digital companies in Norwich is also called Whitespace. I was delighted to be personally invited […]

Dom Davis

The Hour of Code

The Hour of Code, a musical analogy When you look at it objectively, musical notation is a completely alien language. It’s limited symbol set is written in a considerably different fashion to spoken language, encoding information that is only implied at in normal prose. Despite the alien nature of music it is not considered something […]


Test Driven Development in Ruby

Warning: Contains code! Most of my experience with Ruby has been creating Rails apps using the command line engine and plenty of help and advice from people like Matthew Wells, my co-director at Naked Element Ltd. How a vanilla Ruby programme hangs together and especially how you use Rake to build one has been quite […]


Event: SyncIpswich April: Global Messaging Software & Services (@SyncIpswich)

Richard Prodger, Technical Director at two10degrees will be talking about their award winning software solution, the Global Alerting Platform (GAP). GAP is a global hub for satellite messaging devices providing location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and storage. GAP provides applications for use in a wide range of scenarios from personal tracking and lone worker […]


Event: Test Driven Development (TDD) in Ruby

This month Paul Grenyer will will be leading a workshop on Test Driven Development in Ruby: Most of my limited experience with Ruby has been creating Rails apps using the command line engine and plenty of help and advice from people like Matthew Wells, my co-director at Naked Element Ltd. How a vanilla Ruby programme hangs together […]


NRUG Review: Life hacking in Ruby & Front-End finesse.

There is certainly a core of people who attend the Norwich Ruby Users Group. I’m sure it’s the same with most of the groups in Norwich, but at NRUG it’s clearer because the group is smaller. However, it is in no way cliquey and newcomers are always made very welcome. As I’ve said before, NRUG […]

us and the gaming industry

Event: The Norwich Gaming Festival (@TheForumNorwich)

The Norwich Gaming Festival, coming to The Forum in Easter 2014, will be the largest gaming event ever to be held in Norfolk. Play Games? Try out AAA titles on latest-gen consoles, or indulge in our retro arcade featuring games from the last three decades. Discover award-winning independent games from around the world and also […]

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