Know your plumbers from your electricians: The right tool for the job

As software developers, we at Naked Element, are skilled and experienced in a number of different programming languages (see below) and aware of many, many more. Choosing the right programming language for a piece of software is as important as choosing a hammer to knock in a nail, a flat headed screw driver for a […]


Sign on the Dotted Line – Why Contracts are Important

Contracts might seem like something only big business needs, and many small companies work without them, but if your work is important to you, it is vital to have a contract in place. A well put together contract can make a business relationship stronger and more successful, so it is worth investing some time and […]


NorDev Call for submissions

After receiving such a positive response to the Norfolk Developers magazines at each conference, we’ve decided to release a magazine outside of the conference too! Each issue will contain tech articles, local features, news and interviews as well as tech events in Norfolk and further afield, but most importantly it will be free to download! […]


Chamber Cyber Security Conference

Cyber security is a topic that is on everyone’s minds this month, and if you follow the news it will be obvious why (and if you don’t, see our previous blog posts!). On May 18th I attended the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Security Conference, hosted by Paul Maskall. The itinerary included four very relevant […]

It’s not sales, it’s a way of life

People’s barriers start to rise the minute they hear the word ‘sales’. Images of cheap-suited, fast-talking phone drones appear, desperately trying to sell something nobody wants or needs. Scarier for some are the words ‘sales training’ : being taught how to give the hard sell, hit the targets and seal the deal no matter what. […]


Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster

“It’s been a long time coming” David Higgins is a self-proclaimed ‘cyber-security geek’, used to working all over the world with the Foreign Office, now resident in Norfolk. He recently founded the county’s first cyber security cluster and is keen to get everyone talking about it. “In the past, it was generally hard to get […]


Secure Software and the NHS Hack

Last week a vicious, and highly effective, computer virus infected IT systems across the globe. Commercial and educational organisations in Asia were down, Germany’s railway system was affected, even US courier giants Fedex weren’t immune to the virus and here in the UK our health system was hit worst. The NHS, including GP surgeries, pharmacies […]


From Work Experience to Software Developer

“Coming out of uni having had that experience is really valuable in this industry” “Last summer I carried out a week’s work experience with Naked Element. At the end of the week MD Paul sat down with me and said I’d impressed them, that I had the right attitude and skills set to be a […]


You Can’t Do That

 by Emma Roache – ISBN-13: 978-1523989560 I sat next to Emma (complete with orange jumper) at a Norfolk Chamber breakfast in Great Yarmouth. We had the best table for the event and the conversation ranged from Trivium (modern Thrash Metal band) to the Kings of Leon. It’s incredible how, when you get away from business, the […]


Coffee in the Mine: In Java I wish I could… part 1

I started programming in BBC Basic on an Acorn Electron in 1985. I then went on to learn and use commercially C, C++ (there’s no such language as C/C++), C# and Java. When I was a C++ programmer I looked down on Java with it’s virtual machine, just in time compiling and garbage collector. When […]


Naked Element Have Relocated!

As of Tuesday 9th May, Naked Element are now based at New Patricks Yard, 2 Recorder Road, Norwich, NR1 1NR. As you may know, Naked Element has recently grown as a team, employing a Commercial Director and three new full time developers. As the company has grown, it has needed more equipment and much more space, […]


User Stories Workshop – What is it?

You may have heard us mention that we like to run a “User Stories Workshop” with our clients to understand requirements before we produce any software. You may also have thought what is it, and why? User Stories Applied, along with Agile Estimating & Planning, both books by Mike Cohn form the basis of, and […]


High-Growth & Entrepreneur Awards 2017

Barclays’ Entrepreneur Awards celebrates, inspires and recognises the best in class across the country, shining a light on those truly disruptive innovators at all stages of growth. At Barclays, we understand the importance of entrepreneurs to the UK and beyond; showcasing recent success stories and highlighting the unicorns of tomorrow is a great honour and […]

Happy 5th Birthday To Naked Element!

5 years ago last week, on the 26th April 2012 Naked Element was incorporated by Matthew Wells, Chris Wright and their CEO Paul Grenyer.   Over the 5 years Naked Element has successfully developed software for a wide variety of clients, helping them to improve their business processes and to increase their efficiency, saving them both […]


Become Part Of Norwich Cathedral’s 800 Year History

Sync the City 2015 – Build & Launch a Startup in 54 Hours – for fun or profit.  We are very pleased to announce Sync the City will be hosted this year on November 23rd to 25th at The Hostry, Norwich Cathedral. Due to the size of the venue, this year, tickets will be limited, […]


Norwich data centre the second UK-wide to provide super-fast Janet IT services

Janet, the ultra-fast IT network, is now available to small and medium businesses from a second UK commercial data centre – MIGSOLV’s high security Norwich facility – in a move to boost the digital economy.   This will provide small and medium businesses as well as public bodies with access to a wide range of […]


East Anglia One

Despite growing up and spending the vast majority of my life living in Norwich, I haven’t really been to the seaside town of Great Yarmouth that many times, despite it being only 20 miles away. I certainly never imagined finding work there. I’ve visited Yarmouth for business three times since Christmas this year, secured one […]


A hand up, not a hand out

Cities, by their very nature, aren’t small (unless of course you’re a pretend city like Ely). According to Wikipedia there are over 141,000 people in Norwich and over 370,000 people in the ‘travel to work’ area. I’ve got a lot of contacts on LinkedIn, but these numbers of people are large by anyones’s standards! Since […]


Do I need a Mobile App or a Website Optimised for Mobile Devices?

  What are the differences between a Mobile App and a Website optimised for Mobile? And how can I work out which one is best for me? This is a question we often get asked here at Naked Element, and there are a lot of biased articles online favouring one or the other. Consider that […]


Today Nor(Dev):con, tomorrow The World!

“Speaking at nor(DEV):con is a good indicator that people know what they’re talking about”   If anyone knows the truth of that sentence, it’s Dom Davis. People in the tech industry know him for many different reasons – as CTO of TechMarionette, providing consultations through Somewhere Random, or perhaps even his YouTube gaming channels – […]

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