Christos Matskas

Xamarin & Azure double header with Christos Matskas

Cross platform mobile development with the power of Xamarin Are you a .NET developer? Do you develop for mobile platforms or would you like to get started but you don’t know how or where? Then you should join Christos Matskas as he shows you how to get off the ground with mobile application development using […]

Making Connections

Making Connections: Epos Now & Kevlin Henney

Norfolk is very lucky to have a thriving tech scene, one which supports growth and encourages its members to help each other where they can. Adrian Pickering from Epos Now experienced this firsthand when he was after an experienced educator for his developers and was introduced to Kevlin Henney. Adrian saw Kevlin give a talk […]

The cloud

The cloud – What is it really? Why should I be using it?

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and applications over the Internet, instead of your computer’s hard drive. In essence the Cloud is a metaphor for the Internet. Nearly every internet user is using the Cloud in some way, they just might not realise it. The Cloud can be broadly divided into 3 different types: […]


Experts in Integration

Integration is all around us. It’s what makes stuff work together seamlessly and, when done well, it means we don’t even notice it. An integration is essentially joining two or more things together. In tech terms we all take advantage of an integration every day when we charge our mobile phones or tablets. Our chargers […]


DevOps Survey: Towards an industry grounded definition

This work seeks to examine the ongoing problem of defining DevOps, and forms a major constituent of a doctoral research project at the University of East Anglia. This very short survey seeks to capture the opinion on two definitions produced in conjunction with industrial partners actively practising DevOps. The survey is structured into four main […]


SQL Workshops are coming back to Norwich – have your say.

On 19th January this year Norfolk Developers ran the ‘An introduction to working with a relational database using SQL’ workshop. We would like to know what sort of follow-up SQL workshop(s) you would be interested attending. We’re also intending to run the same beginners workshop again, so if you’re interested in attending, please join: […]


NorDevCon breaking down age barriers

NorDevCon 2016 was yet another resounding success for Norfolk Developers. With an impressive array of speakers and workshops we had more attendees than any previous year. This year, for the first time, we had students and teachers attending from some of the local schools and academies as well as the usual range of techies and […]

DevelopHER Code Club: FREE Taster Session for 12-18 year olds

DevelopHER Code Club is a group where 12-18 year olds can learn to code in a supportive environment. As this is a taster event we are inviting coders who haven’t attended one of our courses in the past. We’ll have mentors on hand to help with a variety of different tasks that we’ll be getting […]

Event: What’s your biggest time management challenge?

Frustrated by not enough hours in your day? Annoyed that you don’t get everything done on time? Over committed? Drowning in email? Procrastinating when you don’t want to? Not making progress on the really important projects at home or at work? Ermine has stepped in to replace the speaker who cancelled. This hands on session […]


SSL certificates – What are they and what do they do?

Before looking into SSL certificates, I had absolutely no idea what they were or what they did, which is surprising now that I know both of those things because they are very important for websites to have. In short, an SSL certificate, or Secure Sockets Layer certificate, is a way to encrypt traffic on your […]

“From Idea to Reality” & “Notes from the Software IP Coalface”

This month we have two great talks for the price of one… We will have beer sponsored by Purple Tuesday and Pizza sponsored by IP21. From Idea to Reality by Tom Baggaley We have all said at sometime or another- ‘I’ve got a great idea’ but never do anything about it…. I decided to go for it.  I’ll […]

Naked Element

MyTech in Norwich

The Naked Element team was up bright and early (well, early anyways) to take part in the first MyTech event in Norwich. Organised by Inspired Youth, the event aimed to bring local tech industries and interested students together for networking and advice. After DevelopHER’s Vicky opened the event, our director Paul was part of the […]

The cloud

Time to embrace multiparadigm languages

I enjoyed reading Ben Walpole’s piece on Linkedin, In Defence of OOP. Ben is absolutely right, object oriented programming (OOP) is getting a bad press in the shadow of the latest golden hammer, functional programming. What I believe Ben is really saying is that you should use the right tool for the right job. When […]

Microsoft Build Extended Event At Adastral Park 30 March 2016

Come and Celebrate the first Microsoft Build 2016 at Adastral Park, hosted by Coderus and Innovation Martlesham, sponsored by BT and the IP Network.   Live stream of Microsoft Keynote presentations. Microsoft technology demos and local speakers. Light refreshments   Hear Microsoft’s keynote speeches streamed live from San Francisco, discuss their potential implications in an open forum and learn more about Microsoft technology with […]

British Library Digital Labs Roadshow & Workshop 9th March

A workshop organised by British Library Labs and the University of East Anglia as part of the British Library Labs Roadshow (2016). The workshop will showcase some of the British Library’s digital content and data, addressing some of the challenges and issues of working with it and how interesting and exciting projects from researchers, artists, and […]

US Team

Epos Now expands into US market with new Florida base

David Duncan, Vice President of US Sales Epos Now’s US team in the new office in Orlando, Florida   The fast-growing start-up – which develops, manufactures and supplies electronic point-of-sale equipment and software – began trading from the new base in late January this year.   Since then, the firm has gained more than 100 […]

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