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Sync the City And The Winners Are..?

After 54 hours of intense pitching, coding, market research and business planning Sync the City has created 11 viable businesses. With £7,000 up for grabs only one could win the main prize. Starting 4.30pm on Thursday 20th November Sync the City and finishing 10pm on Saturday 22nd November, the brainchild of John Fagan and Fiona […]

Saturday Morning at Sync the City

Witness The Startups Facing The Judges TONIGHT at #SynctheCity

After 54 hours of coding… 122 people… 28 pitches… Assisted by 18 mentors… 11 startup ideas have been born. £7,000 of prizes to be won GET YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY DOWN TO THE EVENT TO SEE THE FINAL PITCH See what’s been happening on day 1 and day 2. Also, check out the news: Tech […]

Chloe Smith MP

#SynctheCity Day Two: 11 Teams, £7,000 Up For Grabs

As we enter day 2 of the 54 hours of coding the 11 teams are now settled in and focussed on their business objectives. It’s an early start and the keenest are queuing to get in, whilst two MPs (Chloe Smith MP pictured above) visit to see innovation in action. Officially opened at 8am, startup […]

Sync the City photo by Tim Stephenson

#SyncTheCity Day One: The 54 Hour Coding Marathon Begins

The audacious attempt to create a startup business in 54 hours has begun. With 11 teams based in the King’s Centre, Norwich competing for £7,000 in prize money. Powered for 54 Hours by @RainBirdAI coffee #SynctheCity — SyncNorwich (@SyncNorwich) November 20, 2014   Although nothing new, Startup Weekends and Hackathons have existed for years, this […]

How to Diagnose SQL Server Performance Issues

How to Diagnose SQL Server Performance Issues

Why don’t people use the free tools provided by Microsoft for solving their SQLServer issues? If you call Microsoft, these are the tools they get you to run for diagnosing issues. Which, in a way, is both one of their strengths and weaknesses. Many are designed for internal use meaning they may not be sufficiently […]

Natural Language Processing of A&E Patient Notes

Natural Language Processing of A&E Patient Notes

Leeds A&E were interested in extracting information from the free text fields in the data. Given 4 weeks to analyse 7 years of data in ‘the cloud’ before it had to be destroyed, a lot of information could be extracted. The data was formed in an odd way, and quite a lot of normalisation had to […]

Kane Halsey

A Personal Profile of Kane Halsey of Socium Marketplace

Who do you work for? Socium Marketplace What do you do there? Founder and the business guy What experience, qualifications etc. were important in getting the job? Helping in my family’s business since I was quite young and seeing how things work in the real world as opposed to the stuff I read in books […]

Sync the City

Sync the City – What to Expect

Sync the City is a crash course in creating and validating a tech startup business idea.  It’s like a mashup of an episode of The Apprentice followed by a Dragons Den Pitch. The website has all the details, but we thought we would give people an idea of what to expect from the event. […]

Socium Marketplace

Socium Marketplace claims to be “Reinventing Commerce”

Socium Marketplace claims to be “reinventing commerce”, helping small businesses to compete on a level playing field with their bigger, more established rivals. It’s a bold aspiration for a Norwich-based start-up that launched this month with a staff of five. Beccy Johnston meets founder, Kane Halsey, to see if this service-based online shop really is […]

User Stories

Norfolk Developers – BDD Workshop with Seb Rose

On Tuesday 21st October I attended the Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) Workshop facilitated by Seb Rose at the King’s Centre in Norwich.   Although I have some experience of Agile development techniques, I came to the workshop with no previous knowledge of BDD.  I chose to attend the day-long course as part of my continuous personal […]

Human Software – Ermine Amies – SyncDevelopHER Birthday Event

Human software – strange ways people communicate and what to do about it. Whether you write code, run a start-up, or sell technology and solutions or manage a tech company, come and celebrate SyncDevelopHER’s first birthday. Gain understanding of how people are “wired”, and how we differ from one another, and develop a clearer understanding of […]

Class Of University Students Using Laptops In Lecture

Why You Shouldn’t Drop Out To Start Up

This article was originally posted on LinkedIn, and is republished with the kind permission of its author Dharmesh Shah Founder and CTO at HubSpot. We all secretly think we can be Outliers. Not the kind of Outlier where 10,000 hours is required to master a skill, but the kind where people operate at the extreme edge of […]

New Anglia LEP

New Anglia LEP Provide Help to Fund £1m Early Stage Fund for Norfolk and Suffolk

Thanks to £1m of funding from New Anglia LEP, businesses in Norfolk and Suffolk, and angel investors are being brought together to help spark new ideas for products and business strategies. The fund will also be used to help support the growth of existing businesses. What is New Anglia LEP? New Anglia is a co-investment […]

Sync The City

Ambitious Sync the City Project Will Create New Tech StartUps in 3 Days

Sync the City, is a collaboration between SyncNorwich, HP, The University of East Anglia and Norfolk County Council. Its objective is to highlight Norwich as a key play in the UKs Tech Community and place it firmly on the map as a centre of innovation. Over three days in November, those taking part have a […]

Learn WordPress & Build a Website in 1 Day

This course teaches you all the basics of building, running and marketing websites using WordPress, the world’s leading website solution. In one day, you will build your own stunning website, which will be hosted free for one year. WordPress Training Course – Topics Covered Introduction to WordPress Installation and Set Up Admin Panel, Settings and […]

Hot Source Hack – OpenStreetMap

We were switched on to Openstreetmap when Matt Dolan did a captivating talk about it back in March. Since then we’ve been itching to have a go ourselves. Because we need to give ourselves time to get out into the world and map crazy stuff the Makie is in three parts: Part One: Get started. […]


Countdown to the ‘Data Centre Apocalypse’

A data centre apocalypse is looming. According to MigSolv, the data centre specialist, nearly 80% of the UK’s data centres will become unsuitable in just 5-years time. Many that were built at the end of the 1900s and early 2000s are nearing their end-of-life. Much of today’s stock is in need of a major re-fit or […]

Knowledge Engineering for Muggles

Knowledge Engineering for Muggles

This post first appeared on LinkedIn on 18th August 2014 and is republished here with the permission of its author James Duez. Knowledge engineering is very, VERY difficult and something that only Wizards can do. Before I explain the reasons why this is such a challenging area, let’s get some definitions out of the way. […]

Tech Hub Map of Norfolk and Suffolk

Welcome to the new Tech Hub map of East Anglia

  We are out to map the position of every digital and tech business in Norfolk and Suffolk – and we need your help. Why are we doing this? Because we are tired of seeing our region left off the map when policy makers, journalists and investors talk about the UK’s ‘innovation culture’ and ‘centers of […]

Dip your toe in the Arduino pool - two hour intro workshop

Dip your toe in the Arduino pool – two hour intro workshop

This is a two-hour introduction to what an Arduino is and what you can do with one, run by Toby Catlin. You can bring your own (recommended, see below), or you can borrow one and work in a small group. Or you can just watch. We will have a few spares but your own kit […]

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