The mission of the Norfolk Tech Journal is to put Norwich and Norfolk firmly on the technology map by producing a monthly tech online journal, backed-up by a website and blog, and a small paper copy distribution.

Within it’s pages you will find reviews of each of the local technology based community groups’ events and details of their upcoming events. You will find news about local tech companies and how they are working together with each other and the local community groups. You can read about the people who make up the technology community in Norfolk in the Meet the Community column. You will also find technical and business based articles and other related news from around the county. And you will find the latest tech jobs from specially selected recruitment agents. Locally it has been well known for over a year now that Norfolk is teeming with technology companies and has a thriving tech community.

It has everything from startups to SMEs and even a few large firms. Groups like Hot Source and SyncNorwich have helped promote technology in Norfolk and have done an astoundingly good job of forming the tech community and bringing it together with the business community. Now it’s time to tell the world about technology in Norfolk and the fabulous companies and community groups that the county boasts.

Some articles and other contributions use terms that are either registered trademarks or claimed as such. The use of such terms is not intended to support nor disparage any trademark claim. On request we will withdraw all references to a specific trademark and its owner.

Get Involved

We need to expand our team of reviewers who regularly attend one or more of the local community groups (Hot Source, SyncNorwich, Norfolk Developers, Norfolk Indie Game Developers, Norwich Ruby Users Group, SyncDevelopHer, The Norfolk Network, etc).

We need people to engage with local businesses and gather news and stories from them.

We need people to write technical and technology based articles.

We would also like to expand our team of editors who prepare articles for publication and our team or web publishers who publish articles to the Norfolk Tech Journal website.

Write for the NTJ

Would you like to write for the Norfolk Tech Journal? We are always looking for news of events, reviews of events, general technical articles (for example about software development) and articles on other technical subjects from around Norfolk and written by people in Norfolk.

If you would like to start writing for the Norfolk Tech Journal regularly, irregularly or as a one off, please email

By default, the copyright of all material published by Norfolk Tech Journal is the exclusive property of the author. By submitting material to Norfolk Tech Journal for publication, an author is, by default, assumed to have granted Norfolk Tech Journal the right to publish and republish that material in any medium, as they see fit. An author of an article or column (not a letter or a review of software or a book) may explicitly offer single (first serial) publication rights and thereby retain all other rights. No material can be copied from Norfolk Tech Journal without written permission from the copyright holder.

Caroline Hargreaves
Indi Debah
Mick Schonhut
Lucy Morris
Beccy Johnston
Chris Morris
Danielle Clark

Web Publishers
Akshata Javalirao

Web Master
Dom Davis

Chris J. Bennett
Robin Silcock
Shelley Burrows

Greg Holman
Indi Debah
Beccy Johnston
Steve Hunter

Julie Bishop
Sean Clark
Scott Ranger
Bruce Cairns
Chris Morris

Sean Clark
Paul Gosnell

Production Editor
Chris J. Bennett

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