DevelopHER Code Club: FREE Taster Session for 12-18 year olds

DevelopHER Code Club is a group where 12-18 year olds can learn to code in a supportive environment. As this is a taster event we are inviting coders who haven’t attended one of our courses in the past. We’ll have mentors on hand to help with a variety of different tasks that we’ll be getting […]

Norfolk Developers 2014 Autumn Collection

Norfolk Developers is an extremely active group. Every month, usually on the first Wednesday, we run our regular evening event at 6.30pm at the Kings Centre, which consists of two 45 minutes tech presentations. One presentation is usually given by a local speaker and the other by a visiting speaker. Most months we also run […]

NRUG Review: TDD & Ruby

NRUG was all about Test Driven Development this time. We all arrived at Furthers offices on Wednesday at 7 to be greeted by Phil, whose arms had stretched Inspector Gadget style from hauling beer and crisps to the venue. We gathered around in the bigger meeting room downstairs as there were so many people. It […]

NorDev AngularJS Workshop Review

If you’d asked me last week what AngularJS was I’d have probably been facetious and told you it was Javascript, but with less curves. If you’d pushed me for a more sensible answer then I’d have probably gone for a hand-wavy “it’s something to do with UI/UX isn’t it?”. My excuse here is that I […]

Norfolk Developers

NorDev: An Introduction to Client side Javascript (@norfolkdev)

This is a hands on workshop and a laptop is required. Prerequisites: Laptop, Chrome installed, a text editor and to download the sample files (url will be provided when ready)  Client Side Javascript and its close relationship to HTML and CSS can be a little daunting for those who are used to executing code in a server […]

Hot Source

Event: Hot Source Makie: Screen Printing at STEW (@hsnorwich)

At the January Talkie STEW’s very own screen printer in residence, Jo Stafford, showed us a taster of her fantastic screen printing mission and now it’s your turn to get creative. The April Makie will be down at the STEW Print Rooms, the idea is to get your hands dirty and leave with your very […]


Event: SyncIpswich April: Global Messaging Software & Services (@SyncIpswich)

Richard Prodger, Technical Director at two10degrees will be talking about their award winning software solution, the Global Alerting Platform (GAP). GAP is a global hub for satellite messaging devices providing location tracking, emergency alerting, message routing and storage. GAP provides applications for use in a wide range of scenarios from personal tracking and lone worker […]

Event: Test Driven Development (TDD) in Ruby

This month Paul Grenyer will will be leading a workshop on Test Driven Development in Ruby: Most of my limited experience with Ruby has been creating Rails apps using the command line engine and plenty of help and advice from people like Matthew Wells, my co-director at Naked Element Ltd. How a vanilla Ruby programme hangs together […]

NRUG Review: Life hacking in Ruby & Front-End finesse.

There is certainly a core of people who attend the Norwich Ruby Users Group. I’m sure it’s the same with most of the groups in Norwich, but at NRUG it’s clearer because the group is smaller. However, it is in no way cliquey and newcomers are always made very welcome. As I’ve said before, NRUG […]

Event: The Norwich Gaming Festival (@TheForumNorwich)

The Norwich Gaming Festival, coming to The Forum in Easter 2014, will be the largest gaming event ever to be held in Norfolk. Play Games? Try out AAA titles on latest-gen consoles, or indulge in our retro arcade featuring games from the last three decades. Discover award-winning independent games from around the world and also […]

Review: NorDev Node.js Half Day Workshop

After the success of the free Neo4J workshop, NorDev rolled out another for Node.js. After feedback from the last workshop, this half-day affair, to cover costs, was a measly £15. A worthwhile investment in your career to try and keep up with the ever changing landscape of software development. With a short introduction by Richard […]

Review: NorDevCon Pre-Conference Special

The evening before NorDevCon, I went along to the pre-conference special meetup which was held at the Liftshare offices, followed by a meal at Pizza Express where we had a chance to speak to some of the presenters and other attendees. This was my first visit to the Liftshare office and I think it looks […]

Norfolk Developers March Social 2014 Review

The date for what became NorDevCon was set a long, long time before Norfolk Developers was conceived. Norfolk Developers is usually the first Wednesday of the month to avoid clashing with SyncNorwich, Hot Source, etc. who tend to meet on Thursdays towards the end of the month. It was clear having a Norfolk Developers meeting […]

SyncDevelopHER Review: Life Experiences

After some initial networking in the foyer of Norwich University of the Arts (NUA), the group headed for the lecture theatre to hear Marie-Claire Isaaman‘s experiences of working in the games art and design sector. Marie-Claire has led NUA’s BA Games Art and Design undergraduate course for the last 7 years, drawing on her experience […]

Norfolk Developers

Norfolk Developers Workshop Sells Out in 48 Hours

Following the success of the Neo4j half day workshop last December, the sell out Node.js half day workshop last week and some significant local interest, Norfolk Developers quickly put together a full day workshop on the JavaScript MVC web framework from Google, Angular JS. It’s scheduled for Thursday 10th April. All thirty places sold out […]

Norfolk Developers

Event: Software in the City & CoffeeScript is for… (@NorfolkDev)

Software in the City: the real story  Burkhard Kloss (@georgebernhard) The news is full of tales of trillions of derivatives being traded in global financial centres. This talk will give an insight – with thinly veiled anecdotes, and possibly some humour – of how the software behind these trades really gets developed, and what it’s […]

Hot Source

Event: Hot Source March Talkie (@hsnorwich)

Matt Dolan works at data visualisation company ITO World and is an OpenStreetMap enthusiast. He’ll give us an overview of this fantastic resource and explain how ITO use it in their work. Tom Haczewski is from digital agency MMK Digital and a member of the Supporter’s Council at Open Rights Group. He is also an […]

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