Project Breach- Cyber Security Event


Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SQ, United Kingdom

Cyber Security.. a concept that has been pushed into the public conciousness in recent times, with widespread data breaches, news of vulnerabilities and compromised organisations seemingly every week, but why is cybercrime as a whole such a threat? Short Answer: Risk, Mysticism and Stigma.

From 09.00 until 15.00

At The Space

Roundtree Way, Norwich, NR7 8SQ, United Kingdom


Welcome to Project Breach, where the Norfolk and Suffolk Cybercrime Unit and Paul Maskall, the Cyber Security Advisor will endeavour to realign your perception of risk, dispel the mysticism and alleviate some of the stigmatisation that surrounds Cybercrime as a whole.

This event is open and applicable to all, whether you are a small business owner or a CEO of a large public or private sector organisation. Please share far and wide and refer anyone who you believe it would benefit.

For more information, follow the Cybercrime Unit at

Venue details:


09.00 - Arrival and Registration
09.30 - Opening Address
09.35 - Introduction - Risk, Mysticism and Stigma
10.00 - Your Digital Footprint
10.40 - Morning Break
11.00 - Hacking and Technical Demonstation
12.00 - Lunch
12.45 - Cyber Attack - Simulated Business Exercise
13.45 - Afternoon Break
14.00 - Security Culture, Readiness and Reporting
14.30 - Question Time
15.00 - Event Close

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