Innovate UK Competition Round Two

Does your business have a knack for thinking up ground-breaking new concepts? Innovate UK have launched their second competition under their Open Programme, with up to £15m of funding available to be allocated to UK businesses.


The competition seeks to help fund the best and most innovative concepts and ideas imagined by businesses, and these ideas can be drawn from any technology, engineering or industrial area. There are no strict guidelines as to which category the concepts must fall under, providing that each proposal:


-Demonstrates transformational innovation that will lead to the fabrication of a new service, product or process.

-Demonstrates a clear anticipation of the impact the new concept will have on businesses, in term of growth and commercialisation. It must also show a clear prediction of the return on investment (ROI) that the concept would yield, if it were successful.


While all applications and proposals will be considered, priority will be given to those that are most likely to result in a sustainable increase in productivity and access to the international market through business growth through exportation.



If you would be interested at putting forward a proposal, you must submit your confidential application by 1st February at midday. For more information, visit the competition webpage.



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