Norfolk Cyber Security Cluster


“It’s been a long time coming”

David Higgins is a self-proclaimed ‘cyber-security geek’, used to working all over the world with the Foreign Office, now resident in Norfolk. He recently founded the county’s first cyber security cluster and is keen to get everyone talking about it. “In the past, it was generally hard to get people interested in security – they don’t think it’s something they need be concerned about – but nowadays people are getting a little more savvy”.

Similar clusters are dotted all over the UK, seventeen in total, with the nearest one in Cambridge – David plans to get the Norfolk branch up and running before beginning a similar group in Suffolk. The cluster aims to meet once a month at various Norfolk locations, with the inaugural event in June. The regular meet-ups are free for SMEs, but larger companies are welcome for a modest charge. “I’m hoping it will be a big networking group to get the word of cyber security out. We’ll get developers, other techies and interested businesses in, even just to chat about what they do and how they do it” says David. The events won’t be limited to tech-talk either. Remember the young lad from Norfolk who was convicted of hacking mobile giant TalkTalk a couple of years ago? “I think I’ve got the solicitor that got him off coming to speak at some point!”

As well as looking for members to join the cluster, which is free to do through the website, David is also asking for bloggers to contribute interesting and relevant pieces, as well as speakers for future events. “I’d like the cluster to be a big sharing portal where we can all learn and help each other in the Norfolk business community”.

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Words by Lauren

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