Programmer Required: Local Future Climate Modelling

The Enterprise Centre, UEA - Image Carpentry

The Enterprise Centre, UEA – Image Carpentry

The Adapt Low Carbon Group, from the University of East Anglia, are in the process of completing an application for Innovate UK’s, “building whole-life performance competition”. This focuses on how to lengthen buildings life spans into the future.

The final submission date is 8th April.

Our innovation focuses on being able to create localised future climate scenarios. We have had discussions with a variety of prospective partners on this bid and we believe that we have a reasonably robust idea. e.g UEA is a very good example of an estate which will need to undertake retrofit interventions in the next few years to maintain the buildings whole-life performance into the future.

The big question which EST would like to answer is how future climate change might impact on the interventions they could introduce.

Therefore we are seeking to create an online application that could satisfy this client need: incorporating local future climate modelling to a buildings possible interventions.

To this end, we are seeking a programmer who would be able to create a tool which interfaces with a large national data set – UK Climate Impact Programme (assuming they give us permission to do so) so that it can be;

  • Interpreted
  • Presented in a useful fashion
  • Incorporated into building simulation programmes

For further details programmers interested in this project and that have relevant skills should contact:

Matt Taylor
Project Officer, Low Carbon Consultancy
Adapt Low Carbon Group
University of East Anglia

01603 592 838

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