Sync the City And The Winners Are..?

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After 54 hours of intense pitching, coding, market research and business planning Sync the City has created 11 viable businesses.

With £7,000 up for grabs only one could win the main prize.

Starting 4.30pm on Thursday 20th November Sync the City and finishing 10pm on Saturday 22nd November, the brainchild of John Fagan and Fiona Lettice, launched with one minute pitches from 28 startup business hopefuls.

11 went forward to build their startup idea…with collaboration from the other participants made up of developers, designers and business minds.

11 Teams

With many learnings made on the way some teams gained well deserved early publicity and potential business partnerships were forged.

And The Winner Is…

The 11 now had 5 minutes each to present and demonstrate their idea to the judges followed by a Q&A.

The Judges

the judges

The Winning Team

the winners

MyLibs the startup based on helping promote your Local Library were picked by the judges for their innovative solution with not one, but two applications produced over the 54 hours. This idea was originally pitched by the Library Services part of Norfolk County Council.

The Peoples Choice

It wasn’t just the judges that got a say.

Members of the public were also invited for the evening event and given the opportunity to vote for their choice.

In the Peoples Choice the vote went to the very passionate Evercare, the crowds favourite by far, for their proposition of improving Social Care in the community.


Building A Business In 54 Hours

It takes commitment and focus, but overall it takes team work. With a vision in mind anyone can find the help they require to build a business from scratch and solve some of the worlds wackiest or even worse problems.

Sync the City will be back next year and we hope to make it bigger and better. You don’t need any technical knowledge, an eye for design is not a requirement or even business skills.

You just need a big enough idea that solves a problem strong enough to motivate others in to action.

So join us for a journey and start the business you never thought you could in 2015…we’ll supply the coffee and beer.

If you would like to take part in Sync the City 2015 please enter your email below and we will be in touch soon.

Quotes From The 2014 Participants

“It’s been an amazing opportunity. I like how the team has worked together and interacted. It’s a really different environment to the university and an opportunity to learn about the business environment.” Lidia Barrientos Gal, MSc Brand Leadership, Norwich Business School, UEA

“It’s shown the basics you need to start up a company. It is doable in a short time if you have the right idea!” Tom Brown, 3rd year Business Management student, Norwich Business School, UEA

“We’ve never had to implement the theory we learn in practice. I’ve learnt so much about marketing and segmentation being here. It’s helped to bring the theory alive” Jessica May, 3rd year Business Management student, Norwich Business School, UEA

“I’ve got a huge amount out of Sync The City. Some of us had worked together before, but others hadn’t. We’ve done more in 54 hours than I would have thought possible. The whole thing has been really well organised.” Jack Webb, developer

“It’s been a really steep learning curve. I’ve only met these guys in my team since I got here. It’s been mindblowing, it’s been eyeopening, it’s been hugely educational for me on how tech works” Ryan James Brown, freelance sales

“It’s been really great to see so many people turn out. There are some incredibly talented people doing really cool things around the City. We’ve formed a really great team by accident, it’s really worked!” Shaun Church, developer

“It’s been really interesting – such a wide variety of skills sets – apps, Raspberry Pi, robots. It’s not just been a load of nerdy people in a room. We’ve got arts people and business people as well. Everyone is playing a really important role on the team. It’s a really nice feeling, even if stuff doesn’t quite work the way you wanted it to.” Adam Ferguson, gap year student

“A fantastic opportunity to get people together from all walks of life to help enhance the digital offering through entrepreneurial thinking available in Norfolk. Norwich in particular has a great future as a Tech City and Norfolk County Council were eager to support this event to help showcase our local talent. Not only support through sponsorship but actually taking part in the event with pitches made from Library representatives, the Economic Development Department and Transport Management” Michael Cousens, Economic Development Officer, Norfolk County Council.

One thought on “Sync the City And The Winners Are..?

  1. Huw Sayer - Business Writer

    What an amazing event – congratulations to all who took part for your ideas, enthusiasm and team spirit – it was a real pleasure and privilege to meet so many of you.

    Thank you to the organisers, sponsors, mentors and judges for all your support throughout the event.

    Looking forward to next year (now that we are on the TechCityUK cluster map, we need to stay on it).



    PS: Remember – if you run a tech/digital business in East Anglia, please put your company on the NTJ Tech Hub Map


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