#SynctheCity Day Two: 11 Teams, £7,000 Up For Grabs

Chloe Smith MP

As we enter day 2 of the 54 hours of coding the 11 teams are now settled in and focussed on their business objectives. It’s an early start and the keenest are queuing to get in, whilst two MPs (Chloe Smith MP pictured above) visit to see innovation in action.

Tim Stephenson is back on photo duty, and you can catch up with the terrific photos from yesterday on his website.

Co Travel are one of the first startups to have a web based application up and running.

They are also very well equipped, do you think these guys prepared for this Hackathon!?

SurveyMonkey really seems to be the tool of the morning with many teams tweeting links to survey forms in the hope of gathering that invaluable market research.

It’s not all about coding!

Mistakes can be frustrating and checking coding errors can be difficult at the best of times, never mind the fact you’re working to an extremely tight schedule.

Another business idea takes shape and this time its the Drone based disaster zone recovery system from Project Izanagi. I went over to see how the guys were getting on and I can honestly say the only words I understood were the conjunctives…

From complex words to just one word, the 1Word team have a great plan to simply the art of gathering customer feedback. Their prototype which includes natural language processing is well underway.

We’ve been PR’ing the event with all our might and it was great to see local politicians Chloe Smith MP and Simon Wright MP take time out of their busy schedules to visit our innovative entrepreneurs.

The mentors were getting stuck in again. Lending a hand where needed, HP’s Marc Hollyoak offers some invaluable advice to the Trip Roulette team.

When it comes down to winning the judges over and gaining that much needed funding you need to know how to pitch. Lauren Hine of Zealify offers a crash course in the mechanics of pitching to the Sync the City teams.

It’s feeding time…lunch offers a welcome break from screen time.

Some post lunch coding humour…

One of the teams makes a major breakthrough. CoTravel, the proposed taxi sharing app comes back with an agreed business partner following their market research. Local Norwich taxi firm Loyal Taxis agrees to partner with them should they be successful in bringing the business to market.

The disabled accessibility awareness network BeMe4Now start to show off their wares.

Tony Robinson OBE takes part in a Twitter conversation with the teams. Unfortunately he’s unable to make the judging on Saturday night:)

Co Travel are at it again and make it into Saturdays local newspaper.

Evercare the social care application make a reveal close to the end of day 2. We are now starting to see the results of the tremendous work put in by the Sync the City teams.

So we are 34 hours in and it’s time to go home on day 2.

Please do come and join us on Saturday from 7pm to watch the judging. It’s free to get in, there will be beer and wine too.

It’s night night from Tony…

Sleep tight and see you all in a few hours.

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