Vacancy: Head of DevOps To Manage Agile Software Projects

Head of DevOps

A new vacancy from Allies Computing.

Allies offers technology that enables businesses to lookup, validate and geocode addresses.

Our web API and local SDK has been integrated into websites, mobile apps and software by some of the world’s largest corporations and most innovative start-ups. Even if you don’t know our name, there’s a good chance you’ve already used our technology.

As Head of DevOps, you will lead and coordinate every aspect of our technology estate, including product development, service delivery, infrastructure and customer support.

Your primary focus will be “smart agility” – that is, to maintain high levels of service and quality, while also keenly pushing through product improvements to our user community.

To excel, you’ll need to facilitate strong collaboration within your own team of 9 people, and cooperate closely with other teams and stakeholders within the company.

Salary: £40k per annum

Find out more about the vacancy on their website.

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