Welcome to the new Tech Hub map of East Anglia

Tech Hub Map of Norfolk and Suffolk


We are out to map the position of every digital and tech business in Norfolk and Suffolk – and we need your help.

Why are we doing this?

Because we are tired of seeing our region left off the map when policy makers, journalists and investors talk about the UK’s ‘innovation culture’ and ‘centers of tech excellence.’ We want them to wake up to the reality of our thriving tech communities – from WhiteSpace and New Patrick’s Yard in the heart of Norwich, to the Norwich Research Park, the Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Enterprise Zone, the A14 Tech Corridor around Bury St Edmunds, AdAstral Park and everywhere in-between.

Those of you who read the EDP Business section may well have seen this article from 6 August – Norwich Ready to Join A List of Technology Centres. The local people who contributed to the story were prompted to do so by a shared sense of frustration at Norwich once again being overlooked from an important national list of tech communities – Tech City UK’s Cluster Alliance. This is not the first time it’s happened and if we don’t pull together as a community it won’t be the last.

But this initiative is not just about Norwich – it’s about identifying high growth tech clusters across Norfolk and Suffolk. This matters because it will encourage tech people and businesses to move here, to stay here and to invest here. It will boost the region’s economy and create a deeper talent pool, which will benefit all businesses. However, this is a grass-roots led initiative, which means we can only do it with your help.

How can you help?

There are three things you can do to strengthen our tech communities:

  1. Add your digital or tech business to the map
  2. Join one or more of our local tech community groups such as Norfolk Developers, Hot Source, SyncNorwich, SyncIpswich, SIMS
  3. Share this map with all your tech contacts in the region – particularly on social media so they can share it too – and share your ideas with the NTJ community on Google+

Remember: We’re stronger together.

Thank you,
Huw Sayer
Business Writers Ltd

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Tech Hub map of East Anglia

  1. Keith Richardson

    I had a look at the map you have outlined and it seems very focused on Norfolk and Norwich. Will you be adding Cambridge to this map as one of the most entrepreneurial areas in East Anglia. Also Suffolk where Adastral Park at Marlesham Ipswich has the BT Research Centre which also includes a large Innovation Park with a large number of IT companies both existing and new SMEs? Also there is the Eastern Enterprise HUB in Ipswich Docks which supports start ups for innovative companies some of which are IT. Regards Keith

    1. Huw Sayer - Business Writer

      Hi Keith – thank you for your question.

      The only reason why it looks Norwich focused at the moment is because the team already had some company details and used them to get the ball rolling. However, we would dearly love to get more companies from Suffolk. As you say (and as I mentioned in the article) there are plenty of companies at AdAstral park as well as thriving communities in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich – we want them to join this community initiative. So please share this with them and encourage them to put their name on the map.

      We are not looking to extend this to Cambridge because there is already a recognised tech community there that gets a lot of attention from national government. This is an attempt to shift the focus further to the east – to an area that is all to often overlooked at the national level. So we are focusing on Suffolk and Norfolk – effectively the same area as the New Anglia LEP (we have to draw the line somewhere – hope you understand).

      Thank you for your support.

      Kind regards


  2. Huw Sayer - Business Writer

    Thank you to everyone who has shared this map idea and added their company to the list. It really is important that we get as many local technology companies involved, to demonstrate the breath and depth of talent in our region – and to identify our strongest clusters.

    However, some people have asked “what do you mean by a technology company?” This is a tricky question to answer. Some say the ‘tech’ term is overused to the point of being meaningless. However,others argue that it should only refer to companies that build/develop and sell technology as their product/service (hardware/software).

    We are broadly in the second camp for the purposes of this exercise – in that we want as many firms as possible but no more than is reasonable (we don’t want this to be just another list of service providers). So if you develop software, create apps, build digitally operated hardware (computers, control systems, phones) or are applying science (say bio-tech) to solve a problem or answer a question then you probably qualify.

    For instance, I use technology (when the broadband works) and I write website copy but neither of those things makes me a technology company because I don’t sell the technology (hardware or software). Whereas a company that creates DNA sequencing software for use by plant breeders is a technology company – not a plant breeding company. I hope that gives you a clearer idea of what we are looking for – but if you think you are borderline then do ask on here and we’ll get back to you.

    Please also feel free to disagree and offer alternative definitions. We want you to be involved.

    If you would like to set up a similar map for service companies in the region on another forum, please go ahead (it’s a great idea and we’ll do our best to support you). To find out how it can be done, please speak to Sean Clarke (whose team set up this map).

    Thank you and best wishes,


  3. Keith Betts

    Hello Huw, I notice that nothing is yet shown for Great Yarmouth, but know of Applied Acoustics, API Technologies, API Capacitors and Maxwell. I’m sure there are others in what is becoming a thriving area.

    1. Huw Sayer - Business Writer

      Thank you Keith – that’s excellent to know – if you have any contacts at these companies, please can you urge them to add their companies to the map (this is a grass roots initiative, which means we have no resource for researching all the details for each compay). We’d also appreciate it if you could pass on this link to your business network.
      Kind regards

  4. Stu

    The map is a good idea, but there is no field for adding a company “description” even though that is one of the fields that is shown when you click on each business. Most of the company names are not descriptive of their work, and therefore the map is only really useful to show who the companies are, and not what they do. A bit of a shame that a tech website has a ‘description field’ in the listings, but obviously missed it when building the form to fill in!


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